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Mike Oldfield – Sailing


Mike Oldfield lanza el vídeo oficial del single Sailing, incluido en su nuevo trabajo “Man On The Rocks”

El vídeo, grabado íntegramente en las Bahamas, se realizó en una breve visita que el cantante Luke Spiller hizo al estudio de grabación de Oldfield.

Man On The Rocks verá la luz el 3 de Marzo, pero ya puede ser reservado en iTunes en dos ediciones: la Edición estándar con 11 tracks y la Edición Deluxe, donde se incluyen los 11 tracks en versión instrumental.


  • Rui

    THANK YOU LMAO 🙂 unfortunately, when you expose your opinion in a comments section anywhere on the web, most probably you will end up getting bashed like this by someone who’s opinion differs from yours. I’m aware of that. in a case like this, I’ll simply try not to feed the discussion, as there’s no point.
    @ Alejandro: if you’re referring to my comment when you say disqualifications won’t be allowed, I apologise. I simply felt like expressing my opinion as a growing visitor of your website and after – as a huge mike oldfield fan for a long time – being disappointed with this new song. I thought we could express our opinion, whether it was a positive or a negative one, as long as respect was kept, and I didn’t think I was disrespecting anyone. it was just an opinion. anyway, my sincere apologies again, if you think differently.

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂

      My previous comment wasn’t referring to anyone, just a warning because I thought that the comments could get heated.

      Don’t worry, everyone here can you give the opinion, good or bad. Again, the disqualifications aren’t allowed, but this is not the case 🙂

      • Rui

        ok thanks. it was the word “disqualification” that got me confused. anyway, I apologise for creating a fuss, even if unintentionally.

  • You can comment and discuss any article or comment made on the web, but under no circumstances be allowed disqualifications. Please, respect. Thank you! 🙂

  • LMAO

    @Uri: That’s a stupid and pointless reply. If Rui doesn’t like the song, he’s entitled to express his opinion and shouldn’t “go away” just because you say so.

  • Rui

    what is this???! I can hardly recognise mike oldfield’s guitar style in this! was it an attempt to go moonlight-shadow-pop again? ‘cause even if it was, it’s light-years away! I’m a big mike oldfield fan, but this is a disappointment. no me gusta. nada.

    • Uri

      If you don’t recognize Oldfield’s style in this, you must be a cloth-eared nincompoop. Consult your Doctor immediately.

      Man on the Rocks is a pop/rock album. That has been known for a long time already. If you don’t like it, go away. Or better, make the kind of music you want to hear. Dios mío.